Kat O'Connor is a modern storyteller, using the tools of conversational media and visual design to craft a client's narrative. She has a wealth of marketing experience that has produced an elegant combination of strategic oversight, creative design, and operational expertise. She has an integrated, human-centric approach that drives success by creating cohesive campaigns across multiple digital and print channels.

She has strong experience in many aspects of email management, including targeted list segmentation, in addition to designing and executing publications and mailings. She has expertise with a variety of leading Email Service Providers (ESPs), including ExactTarget and MailChimp; she also has experience evaluating ESPs to suit a particular client’s needs. She has led the strategy and execution of multi-channel social media campaigns, incorporating social photo and video, conversation building, and online-to-offline engagement.

Kat began her career as a creative professional in 1998 and has worked with a variety of creative firms and organizations. She has significant expertise in design, marketing, branding, and electronic publishing, and has served as an integral member of strategy teams for a broad spectrum of clients and marketing studios. Her industry expertise includes insurance, financial services, professional staffing, and fine arts, to name a few.

She supplements her design and marketing aptitude with complementary skills such as photography, copywriting, client communication and process development. She also loves to keep her hands in the nitty-gritty of the creative process: concept, design, development, and implementation.