Terra Mysterium

Small theater company Terra Mysterium had been marketing itself inconsistently, making little use of its social media outlets. In June 2011 a campaign was launched to increase its visibility and fanbase by focusing on the channels with the strongest potential, committing to consistent daily Facebook and Twitter management, and contributing content continuously to its blog. Incorporating such tactics as keyword targeting and educational video, these efforts saw steady organic growth over three months: Facebook monthly active users increased by over 270% with 97 new Likes, Twitter followers nearly tripled, and blog traffic increased almost eight-fold.
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Lawston Fown

Lawston Fown was the creative concept of David Goodloe, an actor and voice-over artist in Chicago. In 2011, we further developed this concept into his branding as a performer, and ultimately a website which served as his portfolio for his performance career. Capitalizing on this concept that creative direction "lawst" (lost) can be "fown" (found) through collaboration, we emphasized this creative journey and his collaborative talents both textually and visually. The website itself was a collaboration among a small team of freelance creative professionals.
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