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Website Design, & Development of Personal Brand.

Lawston Fown was the creative concept of David Goodloe, an actor and voice-over artist in Chicago. In 2011, we further developed this concept into his branding as a performer, and ultimately a website which served as his portfolio for his performance career. Capitalizing on this concept that creative direction “lawst” (lost) can be “fown” (found) through collaboration, we emphasized this creative journey and his collaborative talents both textually and visually. The website itself was a collaboration among a small team of freelance creative professionals.

Then in summer 2017, David was ready to redesign his website to reflect the growth of his career and brand. At the same time, we migrated his site to the Weebly platform, to make it easier for him as a layperson to update and maintain. I consulted with him on his marketing and creative strategy, assisted him where necessary as he familiarized himself with the Weebly site management tools, and provided technical support in migrating his content, domains, email, and SEO to the new platform.

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ClientDavid Goodloe
CategoryPerforming Arts Marketing
RoleArt Direction, Design, Development, Content Strategy

Professional, reliable and thoroughness are some of the words I would use to describe Kat when I hired her to work on my website. Putting aside that she has done a great job in creating my website, her commitment to completing the job to my satisfaction was a very comfortable experience.

David Goodloe