Viridian Reveries

Email Marketing Design

Project Details

Responsive email design and template development.

In February 2022 Viridian Reveries began planning “AI in the Arts,” a newsletter to help foster a community around creative uses of AI, aimed at creatives, engineers, collectors, and entrepreneurs. Possible content areas included the intersection of arts with AI; writing, illustration, animation, and creating music with AI; ethics and philosophy of AI in the arts; tech advances of AI for creative uses; websites, software, and tools for creatives; and featured artists, galleries, shows etc.

Run through ActiveCampaign, it was intended to be insightful, creative, inventive, rich in content, with good looking, relevant images associated with each article, sent out weekly at noon Friday.

The client requested three mockups, using the branding. He also requested some experimentation with color and style so he could see a variety of options.

ClientViridian Reveries
RoleArt Direction, Design, Development